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Frequently Asked Questions

What takes place during an initial consultation?
During the initial visit, I become acquainted with you and your child through play activities. A developmental screening will be completed and we will discuss your child's strengths and needs and any concerns you may have.

What takes place during ongoing visits?
Home visits include parent-child-teacher interactions with developmentally appropriate and stimulating activities to enhance a child's learning. We will also take time to discuss questions or concerns.

Does the fee for a home visit change if I have more than one child?
There is a $5.00 additional charge per child with a maximum of $10.00 per family.

"We are new parents and sometimes wonder if our baby is "doing ok." What would you do during a visit with an infant?
A developmental screening will be completed during the initial visit. Based on those results, your input, and my observations, I will share activity ideas and written resources that will further enhance your baby's development. During ongoing visits, any concerns or questions will be addressed and handouts and activity ideas will continue to be shared.

We have a child with special needs. Are you qualified to provide services to our child?
As a home interventionist for Heartland AEA, I worked exclusively with children with special needs. These children had conditions ranging from developmental/language delays to visual impairment, cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome and other genetic disorders. 

I do child care in my home,  what could you offer to me and the children in my care?
I will bring activities to your home based on the ages of the children, interact with them and conclude the visit with gross motor activities and action songs. We will discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the issues that arise when caring for a group of children.

We are working parents. Are you available for after work visits?
I am very flexible in my scheduling and a late afternoon or early evening visit is no problem.

We already participate in a play group. What could we expect if you came to our group?
I will come with developmentally appropriate group activities such as interactive stories, action songs, gross motor activities and parachute activities. If desired, I will also provide materials for other play experiences or creative activities.

How frequent are your visits?
The frequency of visits is determined by parents. Some families request weekly, bi-monthly or monthly visits and others schedule less frequently. 
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