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       Navigating the Early Years Together


"You have been a great asset to our family as we have slowly learned the joys and frustrations of parenting and "being little." You were meant to work with children and I'm reminded of that every time I see the big, bright eyes on our boys' faces when they know you're coming to visit. Thank you for making an imprint on our lives."
Sharon & Eric H.

"You have helped me not only encourage  my children academically, but you helped me be a better parent by showing me positive ways to redirect and showing me ways to allow the kids to make good decisions on their own."
Mary I.

"There have been times that I felt insecure or at a loss with my parenting skills. You provided the information and support to help me through the years. You were especially helpful when I was expecting my second child and managing a little one in the 2-3 year-old phase. I felt so comfortable knowing that an expert was interacting with my children and that any issues or developmental concerns would be brought to my attention."
       Nicki A.

"When our daughter was born 17 years ago with Down Syndrome, Renee was her Early Intervention Teacher for three years. We looked forward to seeing her every week as she brought creative and innovative ideas and activities for us to do with Marissa to help her continually progress in her development. That partnership was the foundation of Marissa's success as she began her education in preschool and now as she is very involved with high school and community activities. Our family feels very fortunate to have had Renee in those early years and the continued friendship we have with her.
     Maureen & Roger S.

"Thank you so very much for seeing Olivia and Owen. It has helped so much seeing their development is in the right stages and getting awesome advice with eating, sleeping, and behavior 'challenges'. Thank you for your support, kindness, knowledge, and understanding!"
      Amy & Mike T.

"Thank you for teaching us 123 Magic. It has helped so much!"
      Rachel N.

"You have helped my boys, my wife, and myself with the understanding of the growth and development issues and concerns that we had. You set our minds at ease which is a huge deal. Thank you for all you have done."
      Tony P.

"I am so glad you have made the choice to continue doing this work independently. Thank you for all you do to help us, help our children, work towards their full potential."
      Tracey D.

"Our thanks are infinite for the care and leadership you have provided Sam and our family."
      Stephanie & Tim S.
                                                                                            "You brighten all of our days and the kids look forward to seeing you!"
       Amy B.

"Thank you, Renée, for coming into our home. We have enjoyed learning, growing, and playing with you. I have enjoyed our time together--your ideas, advice, and handouts have been invaluable to me."
      Janelle K.

"Thank you for all you have done over the last 4 years for our family. You have inspired me to be a better parent."
      Ann L.

"Renée, you're a gem! Thanks for all your support and knowledge!"
      Patty D.

"Thank you for your gentle manner and calm nature that has provided me with numerous suggestions and assisted in redirecting Owen. Thank you for stepping into our home to teach us and into our lives--you have made a fabulous, lasting impression!"
      Missy S.

"You've been a blessing to our family."
Jen & David H.

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